2 Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Welding Service For Your Company's Fabrication Projects

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2 Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Welding Service For Your Company's Fabrication Projects

28 October 2022
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If you operate a company that often needs to have custom pieces fabricated for equipment, you may not have the facilities or manpower to have these projects completed on-site. Because of this, every time you need something welded, you have to send it off-site to a traditional welding service.

While looking for other options, you may have come across listings for mobile services that come to your business and fabricate your projects. There are a couple of benefits of hiring such a service for your company's welding and fabrication needs.

1. Enables Fabrication of the Pieces Where They Need to Be Installed

One benefit of having a mobile service come to your business is that the welder is able to fabricate the pieces where they need to be installed. When you send out pieces to an off-site shop, there is always a chance that the measurements may not be precise or the angles of the finished project need to be adjusted to ensure a precise fit.

However, with a mobile service, they work within the space where the equipment will be positioned. They can then make any necessary size adjustments as well as ensure that the angles and shape of the equipment are accurate.

2. Saves Time and Money Spent on Having to Send Your Projects Out to a Traditional Welding Shop 

Another advantage of hiring a mobile service is that doing so will save your company both time and money. When you send pieces out to a traditional shop, you have to pay for their transport to and from the service. You also have to wait until they get around to welding and fabricating them if they have other projects to work on, which could hold up your business operations.

However, a mobile welder comes to you, eliminating the extra time and expense of having to transport the pieces. They also work solely on your fabrication project, so they can finish the job faster and get your operation up and going without extensive wait times.

When you do not have welding facilities at your business, utilizing a mobile service has its advantages. You will save time and cost by having to send your fabrication projects off-site, and the welder will be able to build the pieces in the exact place they need to be installed. To learn more about the benefits and/or to discuss how to go about hiring their services, speak with a representative from a mobile welding company that serves your company's area. 

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