When To Hire A Professional Surveyor Or Surveying Company

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When To Hire A Professional Surveyor Or Surveying Company

28 November 2016
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Construction companies, developers, or any industry that deals with large plots of land often need to know where the land boundaries are before they can make changes to the land. A construction company that builds in the wrong spot could have a whole myriad of legal issues, and the costs to correct the mistake could be very high. Land surveyors can come out and measure the land to ensure you have the boundaries right.  

Finding Lost Boundaries

When a property has not been surveyed in many years, or the maps indicating the boundaries have been lost, the simplest way to ensure you have the boundaries right is to have it surveyed. Bringing in a professional to measure and map the property is the fastest way to get what you need. If there is a dispute involved, the surveyor's report can be used in court to resolve the disagreement. In many cases, land that has been in a family for years, might not have an accurate boundary, as it may have been passed along from one family member to another over many years. If the old oak tree on the corner is gone, you might have a problem.

Dividing Large Plots of Land

Often a developer will buy large plots of land as one tract. If they intend to divide the land up into housing lots or smaller plots for businesses, they need someone to come in and set the lots, create maps of the new lots, and ensure the sizes meet the developer's needs and town requirements. An experienced surveyor will have the skills to do this and file all the property maps and required legal documents after.

Going Down the Right Road

Road construction often traverses land, going over hills, under mountains, and around natural obstacles. How can the construction company stay on course? The path is marked by a surveyor and is often checked over and over as the job progresses. If the path of the road wanders at all from the intended path, it could be catastrophic to the project, so the surveyor has to be very accurate.

Building Your Dream Home

With all the large projects and technical things they do, surveyors also offer services like marking your lot of land for home construction, building buildings like shops, garages, or storage buildings, or marking the layout for a road into the property.  Anytime you need to know the exact boundaries, the exact path, or the exact placement on a plot of land, a surveyor or a surveying company should be your first call. Skipping this step could result in the building being in the wrong spot or over a property line that you didn't know you were close to and requiring it to be moved at a large cost to you.

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