Is Your Uneven Front Walk Tripping People? Slab Jacking Options That Will Fix The Problem

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Is Your Uneven Front Walk Tripping People? Slab Jacking Options That Will Fix The Problem

16 November 2016
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An uneven front walk is not just an eyesore. It can be the cause of people tripping and getting injured. Rodents digging in the yard, loose soil that has sunk, and tree roots are the common causes for the problem. You should have an exterminator get rid of the rodents, and have a landscape company come and cut back the tree roots. If the current walk is also badly cracked and broken, it is probably best to replace it. As you take up the damaged concrete, you can have soil added to low spots and get the ground leveled. However, if the concrete is still in good condition, it would be less expensive to have slab jacking done. Here are your options for this.


Mudjacking is a great option when the problem is loose soil or low areas due to the soil being washed away. The contractors will mix together soil, concrete, ash, and water. Holes will be drilled under the low areas of the walkway. The mixture will then be forced into them to raise the concrete walk.

Pressure Grouting

Although pressure grouting can be good for your home's foundation, it is usually too heavy to be good for a walkway or patio. The process is the same as mudjacking but the mixture created is much heavier. Many people use the terms interchangeably, however, due to the addition of ash, the mudjacking mixture is lighter. Make sure you ask what the mixture the contractor uses before having the job done.


Polylifting uses a polyurethane mixture to fill any voids in the soil and raise the concrete. The mixture itself is more consistent than the mudjacking or pressure grouting mixtures. In addition, it is more fluid as it is pumped in, meaning the holes can be smaller. Once put in place, the mixture will "cure" into a solid mass that keeps your walkway level. It is important you make sure that the mixture being used does not contain any toxins that may leach into the soil and harm the environment.

Your front yard should be a place you can enjoy and not worry about someone tripping over an uneven walkway. As soon as you notice some of the slabs sinking or lifting it is time to contact a company that performs concrete services. The contractor will evaluate the situation and discuss your options with you. Knowing what the different slabjacking options are beforehand will help you make the right decision.