Tips to Keep High School Students Safe and Informed While Touring Your Candle Factory

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Tips to Keep High School Students Safe and Informed While Touring Your Candle Factory

14 November 2016
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If you will be hosting a tour of the candle factory that you own for local high school classes on career day, the following tips will help keep each participant safe while informing everyone about the products that are manufactured at your business.

A Map of the Facility and Roped off Areas

Order maps of the facility that each contain a color-coded key so that high school classes will be able to navigate their way through the building and can visit the various sections in the order that they desire. Provide a guide for each group of students to assist with answering questions and giving more insight about the types of candles that are manufactured and the steps necessary to fill an order for a client. Rope off any areas that you do not want anyone to enter or to assist with moving people through the factory in an orderly fashion.

Clearly Marked Signs and Protective Gear

Hang engraved, metal signs over each workstation so that they can clearly be identified. Also, hang similar signs next to hazardous materials, restrooms, exit ways, or any other part of the factory's interior that you would like to label.

Metal-fabricated signs can withstand high temperatures and will provide your factory's interior with a professional appearance. Bold lettering or your company's logo can be added to each of them when they are designed in order for the finished products to have a unique appearance. Signs will also come in handy when new employees are hired or if you ever would like to provide additional tours once the initial one is complete.

If students will be touring areas where hot wax is poured or where chemicals are being used, offer protective gear for each individual to wear, including goggles, gloves, jackets, and hardhats. Place the protective gear on clothing racks or inside of bins so that each person can easily select items that will fit them upon their arrival. 

Hands-on Stations

Set up some hands-on stations for students to use once the tour is over. An area where each person can dip a wick into different types of candle wax or a section where candles can be embellished with glitter, paint, or any other decorative material may help each participant appreciate the art of candle making. Once everyone has had a turn, allow finished pieces to be taken home as souvenirs of the factory tour.