About The Services Of A Geotechnical Drilling Contractor

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About The Services Of A Geotechnical Drilling Contractor

6 October 2016
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Have you decided to purchase land so a building for your business can be constructed? If you have found a piece of land at a reasonable price, it is wise to invest in geotechnical drilling before making the purchase. You don't want your building constructed on unstable soil because it can turn out to be a disaster and wasted investment. In this article, you will learn how geotechnical drilling can be useful before a building is constructed on soil.

1. Determining the Condition of the Surface of Soil

One of the important services provided by a geotechnical drilling contractor is an inspection of the surface of the soil. The contractor will basically walk around the entirety of your land to observe the soil for different things, such as cracks. The appearance of any cracks that are found can give the contractor a general idea about the condition of the soil. He or she will also observe any rocks that are present on your land during the inspection. The process might also involve a photogrammetry test that can assist the contractor with evaluating surface points.

2. Obtaining Soil Samples for Testing

A geotechnical drilling contractor will take samples of the soil so they can be observed in a laboratory. The degradation of the soil is one of the things that will be checked after samples are taken. The test will simply let the contractor know how large the particles that are in soil are, as they will play a major role in the stability of your building. The water content in the soil will also be tested. It is important for a building to be constructed on soil that isn't too saturated with water because it can lead to the foundation not being stable.

3. Testing the Soil Via Different In-Situ Tests

There are numerous types of in-situ tests that are performed by a geotechnical contractor. Each test can give different results in regards to the condition of soil. It is possible that the contractor will perform a piezocone test to find out how much pressure is being placed on the soil from groundwater. The size of the grains of soil might also be tested via a standard penetration test.

4. Giving You Advice About Building On the Land

After your land has been inspected and tested, a geotechnical drilling contractor will give you advice about constructing a building on it. He or she might recommend that your building is constructed on a specific area of the land, or that you not use the land for construction. Get in touch with a soil boring company such as Uni Tech Drilling Company Inc. to learn more about the land you want to build on.