Maintaining Your Custom Powder Coated Wheels

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Maintaining Your Custom Powder Coated Wheels

28 November 2016
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In the world of custom cars and high-end parts, powder coating has become a great option for parts that require durable, but good-looking finishes. Many parts that used to be chrome plated are benefiting from powder coating. Bumpers, trim parts, and expensive, custom wheels are all candidates for powder coating, and the color choices are nearly unlimited. The following are some tips for keeping your powder coated wheels in top condition.

Keeping those Expensive Wheels Looking New

You spend a lot of hard-earned money on those expensive wheels so you want to be sure they look good for years to come. Brake dust is the biggest problem on any wheel, powder coated or not. Because the dust is abrasive, it needs to be cleaned off regularly.  There are many cleaners that are designed for cleaning brake dust off rims but, if you are going to use them, read the package to be sure to they are safe for powder coated parts.

Tried and True Cleaning

The simplest way to clean light dirt and dust from your wheels is to fill a bucket with warm water and a mild soap. Dishwashing liquid is a great option because most do not have any abrasive materials in them. Use a soft cloth and wipe the wheels gently, and then rinse them with clean water. A quality microfiber cloth can be used to wash the wheel and not leave lint behind. If you get the opportunity to remove the wheels, cleaning the back of the wheels once or twice a year will help minimize the dust coming out onto the front surfaces of the wheel.

Spot-Free Drying

You can let your wheels air dry after cleaning, but you may end up with water spots on the flat surfaces. The best solution is to get a soft, lint-free, microfiber towel and wipe them down carefully. Once all the water is off the surfaces that you can see, let them dry the rest of the way before moving on. Any surface you can't see or can't reach does not need to be towel dried.

Protecting Your Investment

Once your wheels are clean and dry, protecting them is pretty easy. Because powder coating is pretty durable, a simple coat of wax is all you need. Apply it just as you would on your car body and reapply twice a year to maintain a protective layer on the wheels. If the wheels get really dirty, strip the wax, wash the wheels, and apply a new coat of wax to the wheels. While there are some commercial protectants out there, powder coating doesn't need a lot of different cleaners or chemicals to maintain its finish.

For more tips on how to take care of your powder coated wheels, talk to a company like AFI Powder Coating Inc.