Narrowing Down the Applicant Pile: Why You Need to Hire Recruiters for Injection Molders

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Narrowing Down the Applicant Pile: Why You Need to Hire Recruiters for Injection Molders

14 July 2016
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Many plastics factories, because of the nature of the jobs involved, have issues with employee retention and turnover rates. If that applies to your plastics factory as well, and you cringe at the thought of having to hire the next round of employees, then maybe it is time to hire some recruiters before you hire anyone else. Industrial and manufacturing recruiters focus on hiring fully trained, skilled, and appropriately certified or licensed candidates for the positions available. If your available positions consistently seem to be for injection molders, then you know it is time to do things differently. Here are some more reasons why you want to hire recruiters for injection molders first and then worry about hiring injection molders.

You and Your Employees Continue Working the Line, Not the Applicant Pile

A big part of the hiring process involves selecting some managerial or supervisory staff to take time out of their schedules, come off the work floor, and sift through a giant stack of job applications. Even if you do a face-to-face open call for applicants (i.e., a job fair or mass interview), your staff and employees still have to take the time to interview each candidate that walks in the door.

During times of recession, you could have a line several blocks long, and you and your staff could be interviewing all day and into the evening. That could cause production issues to crop up and remain unresolved until everyone returns to their previous posts. If you hire recruiters, every one of your staff and employees stays on the production line and continue work without interference.

Recruiters Are Like Temp-Agency Supervisors

Recruiters can also work offsite so that there are no distractions for everyone else, nor will you have to give up any space for the recruiters to conduct interviews. In a way, recruiters are like temp-agency supervisors; they have already gone through a stack of applicants that might fit your needs, and they can send the best possible options to you for a full interview. All other interested applicants can be channeled through the recruiters' office and place of business too.

The Injection Molders You Get Already Fit All of Your Qualifications

By the time recruiters have completed their jobs, the only applicants you see are the ones that the recruiters have weeded out of the pile. You are down to the very best of the candidates that the recruiters found in the course of their search. The only tasks you have to do are decide which of the handful of candidates you want to hire and pay the recruiters for all of their hard work.