Why Deck Ovens Are Optimal For A High Quality Bakery Or Pizza Restaurant

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Why Deck Ovens Are Optimal For A High Quality Bakery Or Pizza Restaurant

22 October 2014
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A deck oven is an appliance that just about every restaurant should have. If you own a restaurant that bakes a large quantity of bread or pizza, a deck oven is a great choice. It has many different qualities that make it an obvious choice above its competitors.

For Bread

Many artisan bakeries choose to have deck ovens because they can bake a beautiful loaf of bread. While a convection oven heats with conduction heating, deck ovens use radiant heat. Conduction heating means that a specific heat source inside of the oven conducts heat and heats the bread from that one location. While the bread will bake, it won't be heated as evenly and it's difficult to obtain different levels of crispiness in the crust.

The radiant heat method radiates heat throughout the space. That causes the entire oven to be the exact same temperature and the bread will heat evenly and bake perfectly. Deck ovens also carry the ability to add steam while they bake. This allows bread to stay moist and have different crispiness in the bread crust.

For Pizza

A deck oven has the ability to make amazing gourmet pizza. A conveyer oven works well for fast pizza restaurants because of their quick heating time, however, it limits companies to the type of pizzas they can make, as well as options for the customers.

Since the deck oven heats more slowly and evenly, people can choose to have pizzas less or more done than the way they usually turn out. Customers also will not be limited to the number of toppings, or worry about having overcooked toppings on the top of their pizza.

Fast pizza joints offer inexpensive pizza because of the quality. If you have a deck oven, you can provide your customers with authentic tasting pizza that they are willing to pay more to enjoy.

Gas vs. Electric

When it comes to buying your deck oven, you have a very important decision to make. Should you buy a gas or electric oven? Even with multiple decks, gas deck ovens tend to only have one temperature that your oven can heat at. If that's all you need, it may not be an issue. However, if you have a variety of products, you may want to opt for electric so you don't run into an issue while baking.

If you are baking bread, pizza, or both, your restaurant can definitely benefit from having a deck oven. You will give your customers high quality and your restaurant will have a name for itself on the map.